We have all had them, from little ones, a dog or cat already taken when your heart was set on that one, or maybe we weren’t asked to the prom. Or perhaps you have since encountered larger ones, failed relationships, lost love, or the career you expected to take off did not. How we handle them tells us much about the people we are.
Do we become angry, lash out? This is never good, it accomplishes nothing and wastes energy.
Do we become depressed? Again, a waste of time, it’s not going change anything if we wallow in self-pity, moping about, making everyone around us miserable.
Remember as a child your parents telling you to just get over it? Well for the most part, they were right. It’s a basic part of life, accepting the many disappointments life brings us and having the ability to move on.
It is a good thing for parents to allow children to suffer some disappointments, so they can handle the bigger ones that come later on. Our brain stores all these memories and when the feeling of disappointment returns we can say, “Hey I remember this, it’s okay, it passes and eventually something else comes along, I can do this.” And hopefully, each one becomes easier.
We have all been there and must trust that things will get better.

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